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About T Rex Advisory

Leadership Advisor & Certified Pinnacle Business Guide

I’ve sat in your seat. I’ve walked in your shoes. For over 30 years, I’ve lived through many of the same situations – and experienced many of the same gut felt emotions. I know the pressures of owning a small to medium-sized business first hand and will work closely with like-minded entrepreneurs like you, enjoy a better business and more success.

I’ve been an entrepreneur since my 20’s… organically launching a niche company, somewhat of a garage start-up story

Over my 28 years behind the wheel;
– Grew the business to over a $ 30-million-dollar a year enterprise
– Over 150 employees
– Exit value of over 2,500X my original investment

Designed & manufactured equipment for the commercial/industrial markets… Driving millions of investment capex dollars into the business

Developed a multi-million dollar real estate strategy to include 9 warehouse offices in 6 states

I initialed an exit strategy and the 1st sale of my business including:
– The acquisition of our largest geographic competitor
– Combined that with a manufacture of industrial portable heat systems

I stayed 2-additional years, elevating key employees to run the company before presenting the new company back out to market for a 2nd successful sale.

 That company is now the largest privately held portable HVAC specialty services business in the United States and Canada.

  I’ve run successful business models to include:
– Distributorship & Rep models
– Commercial real-estate investment strategies
– Niche equipment design & manufacturing business

I’ve sat in your seat,
– I’ve felt your emotions at the gut level and know 1st hand the pressures of owning a small to medium-sized business …
– Believe me, I’ve Breathed your same air

My goal is to work closely with like-minded entrepreneurs like yourselves, so you can share your own unique future success story

Chris Meso

Chris Meso

President & Certified Pinnacle Business Guide


Bootstrapped a company in 1989 and launched nine warehouses in six states, ultimately running seven distinct business models and becoming the largest private portable and temporary specialty HVAC business in the commercial and industrial markets. Sold in 2015. Stayed to bolt on my largest geographic competitor and an industrial manufacturer. Devoted two years to helping develop and release disruptive products into our market space and cultivated a new leadership team to operate the company. Sold in 2017. Invested into the next successful sale completed in 2019.


I work closely with business owners who are forward thinking, have an abundance mindset, and believe in themselves. Taking full advantage of skill sets learned from EOS, Jim Collins, Verne Harnish, and more (the list is long) as well as years of success “in the trenches” and a few failures along the way. First, listening to their needs and later helping to implement tools and methods to run a better business and to live a better personal life.

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